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Instead of wasting tax money on these feel good trips for very select people, we should shift funds to help working parents, long suffering Tohoku residents, etc. It’s not princess Mako ‘s fault, but this is really a sad statement when you have so much more needs back at home by your fellow citizens. I can say the same for the recent G20 boondoggle.

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Pretty strange that Peruvians are welcoming Princess Mako, given the memory of Alberto Fujimori still looms large in Peru.

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Princess Mako has nothing to do with Fujimori.

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Peru was one of the countries which took in thousands of Japanese

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During the mass migration period. There are today more than 100,000 Peruvian Japanese.

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@ samite, I've just had a read up on him and his crimes, its surprising how quick people forget, but on the other hand she is a visiting princess, not a corrupt politician, so I am sure people can distinguish between them.

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