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It's good that the people are doing this but sad that the govt has done almost nothing to support the foreign community in Japan. With Japan's aging population, Japan will need the support of foreign workers. It's a shame that they are not being treated better. Remember, most are hourly wage workers who don't have the luxury of tele-working and are susceptible to contracting the virus. All of this while touting the Olympics to show the world how "international" Japan has become.

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Without knowing more about the details of this kind act, I presume that individual Vietnamese Buddhist donors/philanthropists might approach Nisshinkutsu Temple so that they could distribute the essentials to their Vietnamese community in Tokyo.

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The majority of Vietnamese were brought in as cheap labor under a private-public sector "internship" program to prop up Japanese companies and do farm work so the Japanese population doesn't starve.

The officials in this program and their employers are the ones who should be supplying and distributing food for those who were suddenly thrown out of work, not volunteers. If you're going to exploit cheap labor, then at least take a bit of responsibility.

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It's good that the people are doing this but sad that the govt has done almost nothing to support the foreign community in Japan. 

The Japanese Medical Association has a hotline for foreigners to assist non-Japanese speaking foreigners in getting medical support and advice on their situation. In addition, registered foreign nationals are eligible to receive 100,000 Yen from the coronavirus payout. There are also grassroots involvement from Japanese individuals in getting assistance to foreigners who fell through the cracks of the system (like Vietnamese who came to Japan to study and work, but quit and avoid hospitals due to their immigration status).

I wonder what your definition of "done almost nothing" is. I'm curious as to the response of the government in your country is by comparison in how they are dealing with foreigners and giving them assistance from the coronavirus. And sorry, downvoting this post is not a proper response.

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Good on them for supporting their community, Japan certainly doesn’t. So much for “international” Japan

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This is great. I have a lot of respect for these volunteers.

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Vietnamese are generally hard workers and not trouble makers, and I believe they add a lot of value to Japan.

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The Japanese govrnment brought those cheap laborers here and have a responsibility to care for them. When someone is imprisoned the state cares for them. They should get the ¥100,000 support money.

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