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Volunteers from the tsunami-hit town of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, carry debris from a home in the Far Rockaways section of New York on Tuesday. The house is one of thousands of homes damaged by flood waters during Superstorm Sandy. The Japanese volunteers' visit was arranged by Peace Boat, AmeriCares and World Cares Center.

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thanks to you all for such a grand effort in helping others after all japans disasters.

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Inspiring! thanks for taking time to travel halfway across the world and helping others.

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If you funneled all the money it took to get these people there, their food, shelter, administration costs of these "agencies" that arrange all this, and publicity, there would be enough scratch accumulated for a new house to be built...

These kids mean well, but...

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Nothing but respect for these people.

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Pamelot, those volunteers may well be living and studying nearby. I now a handful of youth who lost parents to the tsunami, who received scholorships to study in the US. Even if these four people did pay to fly there from Japan, that wouldn't even cover the cost of laying a foundation, much less build a house.

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Bravo Zulu!

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