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Yaeko Arai, 85, carries boxes of surgical masks on her trolley as Mount Ontake continues to erupt in Otaki in Nagano Prefecture, on Wednesday. Arai spent the afternoon handing a box of masks to each household as the village distributed more than 400 boxes of masks to 9 districts as a precaution for ash that may fall if eruptions worsen. The Japan Meteorological Agency said levels of toxic gases were too low to cause health problems in distant towns, but cautioned residents that ash could cause eye irritation, particularly among contact lens users, or trigger asthmatic symptoms.

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Bless her. What a lovely lady.

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@ KariHaruka

I agree ! Just wondering what they're going to do about :

but cautioned residents that ash could cause eye irritation, particularly among contact lens users,

I don't think the masks are going to help that very much...

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That's not a trolley, it is a pram or wheelchair. all resources being used to assist those in need......

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That is both trolley and wheelchair. She can put things under the seat and sit on it for rest when tired to walk.

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A while ago my MIL had surgery & my wife was looking of a walking cane or something for her mom, I suggested on of these & got a big swat, then I said when MIL didn't need the mrs could use it, double swat..........what did I say???

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My Mil apparently has one of these, but I've never seen it. We only learned about it when Mr cleo dropped in unannounced one day and found her pushing it around the local park. When family are around it seems she doesn't want to appear old and weak - but she is, and whenever we go out with her anywhere we end up spending half the time looking for somewhere for her to sit and rest. If only she'd take her trolly/mobile seat with her!

Good on this lady for doing her bit to help the community.

Fighting -

lol You just treated me to images of folk with surgical masks over their eyes, bumping into stuff. I think the official advice is to revert to spectacles until the ash stops floating around. Some of the ash contains glass-like particles that could do serious damage trapped between a lens and an eyeball. Ouch.

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One of my all time favorite Japanese moments was a house visit from a woman like this. It was a blisteringly hot summer day and I was at home with the air conditioning running. There was a very slight knock at the front door and I opened it to find her there with her trolley. The first thing I said was you better come in. That was what I was thinking she replied. I had never seen her before. She settled herself down on a bank of triangular Thai pillows that are arranged together facing the sliding glass doors so as to form a low bench for kids. It was the perfect sitting height for her. I am 90 years old she said. 90. I was born in Taisho (...nen). My daughter told me stay at home today and watch TV in my room but I don't like it. I picked cucumbers for everyone would you like some? Take five and make pickles. Don't forget to add some sugar (just a little bit). You did a good job cutting your shrubs and trees very severely. That is important, but most people don't know that anymore. Thank you for the water. Now I have go. We had talked for 40 minutes. Took her picture as she continued on down the street and vanished. Never saw her again. I am not Japanese.

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