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Thanks JSDF. You guys are very welcomed in Australia!

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Probably better to donate to climate activism/action/awareness ............

In the meantime, people and wildlife are in distress while the environmental activists are demonstrating/disrupting commuters and drivers in Melbourne, ..............and waiting for the politicians to act as per cop25.

Fair dinkum, relief and help are appreciated now.................Thank you Japan.

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Probably better to donate to climate activism/action/awareness considering Australian politics and behaviour which derails cop25 and the environment.

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Good on you, mate!

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This is a wonderful contribution as part of the Bushfire Appeal. We must remember, every bit of assistance no matter where it's from is enormously appreciated. Thank you Japan!

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Not looking at a gift-horse mouth. Grateful too for Japan's contribution in this calamity. A tard late but better late than never. Thanks again Japan.

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On behalf of caring people everywhere, thank you, Japan.

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