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A bear greets visitors at the Noboribetsu Bear Park in southern Hokkaido. The park is one of the largest of its kind in Japan, featuring over one hundred bears, as well as the world's only Brown Bear Museum showing the species' origins, habitat, history and way of life.

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showing the species’ origins, habitat, history and way of life.

fine, know your buddy.

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actually I think it is our new pm

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may I have some water and fish please.... yes you Japanese person. Kawaii...? I will tear your arms off if you keep saying that.

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He was asking, "Can you recommend a good manicurist?"

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Those claws can do some real damage.

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To error is human; to forgive, ursine.

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Nice concrete. Looks really comfortable for 100 bears.

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This park is absolutely terrible. It is way too small for all the bears that are in there and as Asago says only made of concrete.

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In Japan entertainment will always be far more important than animal welfare. These parks are cruel and sick.

One day in the future I hope the younger Japanese look back at these images and hold their heads in shame.

Pssh - Wild animals belong in the wild, not some small concrete prison.

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Those claws can do some real damage


And with good reason! Humans are their number 1 enemy and if I was him/her, I'd probably rip somebody's head off...living in such conditions and all.... yuck~

People have ZERO business hunting and incarcerating Animals for their mere amusement which is why I don't take my family to such places. (Zoo, Aquariums, etc.)

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@Foxie & Tokyo

There is only ONE way here to really help those animals... JUST DON'T GO TO THOSE PLACES! There are far better places that you can enjoy with Animals without having them confined inside cages or tied up... Let me recommend you Potiron Forrest located in Inashiki, Ibaraki ポティロンの森 http://www.potiron-no-mori.com/  It's by far the most Animal Friendly Farm I've seen.

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Thanks for the link BlueWitch :)

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Several years ago there was quite a bit of news coverage re the mistreatment and slaughtering of these bears in these so-called "parks". The Japanese press of course didn't cover it much until a foreign news report caught wind of it and got it a bit of attention. News re these bear parks has generally fallen off the radar since then. Could only find this old Animal Planet report but odds are with the way the economy is now that conditions couldn't be that much better. http://animal.discovery.com/news/briefs/20031208/bears.html

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Poor bears... blue witch, I kinda like you

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BlueWitch, I boycott zoos and aquariums. Just had some visitors once with kids who insisted going there and dragged me there. Never again. If you want to see bears, go to Shiretoko or behind my house (a bit risky though).

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How can so many people thumbs-down Yuri`s comment?! That was FUNNY!

If a park is designed for research and help with endangered species, and conditions for the animals are good, then it has my vote. I cant bear Ueno zoo and I hate seeing dolphins performing in shows etc etc.

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bear: just smile and wave boys... just smile and wave.. Cute bear's get food from adorable girls~

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I like the smoking monkey and elephant riding a tricycle exhibit too.

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