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Hitching a ride


A Toyota staff member shows a visitor how to ride the new personal mobility "Winglet" during a media preview of CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) JAPAN 2013 in Chiba on Monday. A total of 587 companies and organizations are exhibiting gadgets at CEATEC JAPAN 2013, which will be held until Oct 5.

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Good for old people and their children who hold their hand to assist their elder parents to walk after getting out of car. Are they sold in USA?

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Drop a twig in front of that and watch it tumble!

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Sheesh - use your legs.

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WOW the hakama and kimono, clothing of antiquity creating a queer juxtaposition with modern technology... so COOL... WOW... really nice helmet by the way.

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This winglet thing has been in the market for atleast couple of yrs. Its not a new thing. People should check out Honda U3-x the unicyle segway type machine which is more impressive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENSEenxRQo

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How is a Segway banned in Japan to use on the street, but a Japanese made clone is not?

Because Japanese brand is special safety Japanese style, that only special safety Japanese can understand how to use.

See how small it is?

Western people big and not safe.

Japanese people very delicate and very safe.

And it's much more Kawaii that ugly Segway monstrosity.

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How is a Segway banned in Japan to use on the street, but a Japanese made clone is not?

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Sheesh - just get a bike.

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And the small diameter wheels are no help outdoors. Small bumps and stones are obstacles.

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Seems to be made for Japanese market, tiny halls and paths, Segway would get stuck in some of those small walkways

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looks good not as bulky as a segway

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My guess, TOYOTA, wanted the world to know that JAPAN has made a rival to Segway, so they paid this lady to come in something VERY Japanese $$$$???

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Can't imagine anyone who needs this (the less mobile) ever wanting to get on it.

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Why is the visitor wearing a hakama? Just popped in to see the new tech after a day at the dojo, I suppose.

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I wonder how this is different from or similar to a Segway.

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Did the rider lose her geta??

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