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Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko wave to well-wishers as they board a shinkansen bullet train at Tokyo Station Monday to depart for their villa in Nasu, where they will spend their summer vacation.

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Please relax Your Highness! Maybe he can play Pokemon Go!!

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Just having a feeling that something is missing, the imperial couple are there, the cool-biz minders in navy blue blazers are there, well-wishers are there.

Then I realised that the only person carrying a bag is the Empress Michiko.

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I wonder if they've ever had a proper holiday, lazing on a sandy beach....

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Such a lovely couple.....

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Perhaps Hayama beach?

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Then I realised that the only person carrying a bag is the Empress Michiko.

When have you ever seen the Emperor or Empress carrying luggage? And that really isn't a bag, and typical of most females it's called a purse.

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Yubaru, a purse is something you put in a handbag. It's used for carrying cash, credit cards etc. Not all English speakers use American English, you know.

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Not much privacy with all those minders around......

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