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Fascism lines up well.

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Imperfect as they are, for all intensive purposes, both Japan and India are adequately functioning democracies, neither fascist dictatorships nor military juntas. My only concern is that India is not signatory to the CTBT, and as such, should not be welcomed by an honor guard in Japan until it does so.

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Dear Shinhiyata-san,

I appreciate your views. However, CTBT is not the criteria to judge your track record. The signers of CTBT are known to occupy the spaces in other countries and have been involved in domination and wars. India's track record in this aspect is clear and they have every right to defend themselves. Hopefully, u will understand.

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Actually, my understanding of the situation is rather clear. Japan has repeatedly condemned India, cancelled aid and cooperation projects, and imposed hefty sanctions on New Delhi for its failure to ratify the CTBT and increase the transparency of its nuclear weapons facilities (such as the one at Karnataka).


I personally have no problem with India spending 500 billion rupees a year on nuclear weapons if its impoverished constituency elects to do so. That's the triumph of democracy over fascism. My problem is with the hypocrisy of Japan for chastising India and its WMD programs while rolling out the red carpet for its defense minister (in charge of such weapons).

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India has not signed the NPT and CTBT because its very discriminatory in nature. So basically you have the initial nuclear powers testing as many nukes they wanted and than deciding that everyone needs to stop testing, also given there western neighbor is openly talking of a nuclear war, they have no option but to retain that option. India will sign when they are at a level playing field with the top nuclear powers, which should be within a decade.

And from where you got the 500 billion rupees figure and how do you know this is spent on nuclear weapons, India is into nuclear research since the 1950's, everything is indigenous with no dependency on any country, and that's one reason why they want to keep there research secret and not make it available for free to anyone via the CTBT transparency. The population is impoverished ??? wonder where you get your data from, for starters India is third highest in terms of purchasing power parity.


As for India-Japan relations, well Japan has been just parroting the western line, and ever since the maritime relations with China and S Korea have gone to a point of no return, they desperately needed a powerful ally in the region and hence the red carpet, not to mention India's massive economic resurgence in the last 5 years.

One more thing during the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, the India lawyer Radha Binod Pal was the only one to indirectly support the accused, this fact is not lost to the Japanese, and as you may know, there is monument dedicated to Pal at Tokyo’s Yasukuni shrine.


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What is fascist about Japan or India? This is just a honor guard seen in most countries when welcoming a foreign leader.

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