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Hope and bonds


The Daiba memorial tree, which is 20 meters tall, 10 meters wide and decorated with 200,000 LEDs, marks its 16th anniversary this year. The theme is "Hope and bonds." The illumination moves like animation to show a white bird praying for the restoration of the Tohoku area hit by the March 11 disaster, a rainbow for a positive future and illumination giving people hope and courage. The illumination, which runs through Jan 10, lights up each evening at 5 p.m. following Ai Kawashima's new song "Issho-ni" (together). The illumination lasts until midnight.

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illusory, japan still living in world of fantasy.

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I like it

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Party boat in the bay is more interesting...

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"Memorial Twee"

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Mods, Thanks for the correction.

I wish I could take the wife to see this pretty tree in person. But a little far from Okinawa. (T_T)

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Beautiful! whatmore with the rainbow bridge and yakata bune in the background..:)

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Nice idea but.... "praying for the restoration of the Tohoku" yep, I'm sure that will help (sarcasm).

Tohoku needs cash, construction and cooperation. That is the only thing that will actually help with the restoration...

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Quite ironic how wasting more energy is a symbol for hope and courage for an area devastated by radiation from a nuclear disaster. (at least they are LED lights I guess). The world will never learn. I give up.

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Pls, give up, most of those illuminations now use 1/20 electricity of comparable overseas/previous ones. And of course we should all sit in the dark to save energy for the people up-north. You be the 1st.

WRONG, while we support them our life's haven't stopped and we need to keep the economy, mood, etc going to help the country and the recovery effort.

Many tokyoites, etc are still working for setsuden, etc. Power outages/shortages are still a thread on the horizon as winter consumes more power than summer. Now would you prefer to be without electricy in summer or winter here? And electricity now also powers your hot water heaters in many instances.

Many people now switched from elecricity to kerosene heaters(granted increased danger of fires). I switched to a gas-heater as it will only increase my gas-bill by 1000Yen/month(tsukaihodai). And that is because of how my apartment/landlord charges and I got the outlet build in.

Many people are feeling down and are hurting right now and a bit of illumination, etc can raise the spirits and keep people going. If those don't exist .... more suicides, etc.

Your call.

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That tree could be run off a car battery for a week. How is that wasting electricity?

Traditional 'western' lighting couldn't last half a day on that

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8000 watts.

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