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A beach at a park in Tokyo's Daiba bay area is almost deserted Monday afternoon as the city continued to bake in a heatwave.

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I'm not sure what Odaiba is supposed to be. A beach (where swimming is prohibited)? A place to see a replica beach while shopping?

Why not plant a few trees, like Singapore's Sentosa. Oh, and clean up the water for swimming, too.

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toky is reminding me more and more of the last chapters of 2001 (the book).

Replica land

Except with no taste. sad.

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Heatwave? It rained yesterday and was cloudy.

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Strangely enough, the deserted beach with only three people rather looks bleak and not boiling hot at all.

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Monday afternoon, rained a few times, Obon week..

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Whatever the weather this is not a beach I would ever take my family to.

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Pretty miserable.

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When it comes to near-the-city beach theme, Sydney does it best. At the Circular Quay that by itself is the heart of the bustling city, water is quite clear. If you take a boat, which is city bus equivalent, for a short while, you can find beautiful beaches that you can only find in far-away beaches in Japan. I wonder how Aussies do beaches-by-the-big-city concept so well. Japan sure can learn a lot from them by the look of this rather pathetic Odaiba beach.

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When it comes to near-the-city beach theme, Sydney does it best.

As someone hailing from Sydney (Manly, no less), I concur with this statement. Tokyo doesn't have any real beaches...

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