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I watched this before. Not really a "hotdog" eating competition is it? More like eat the franks and dip the buns in water and wolf them down. Not nice to watch really. They should be made to eat the dog as a whole and no dipping it in water.

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What a repulsive photo!

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dip it in water? gross.

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"There is always next year, Suzuki-san."

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A stroke or heart attack waiting to happen...as you say;

"There is always NEXT year".

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Considering the number of people in the world with not enough to eat, a competition where people pull faces like that as they literally stuff themselves with food is simply gross.

74 franks and buns in 10 minutes 

Disgusting on so many levels.

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I love food but this food related event ids gross.  Pointless, disgustingly done (dipping buns in water) and a testament mto the fact that people will do anything for fame and money.

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I understand it takes skill and dedication to win the big or fast eating contests. But I can’t see what good purpose they serve and find them repulsive. I think they set a dangerous and bad example for children.

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I'm sure Nathan's and other food comps have heard the criticisms already about this being a disgusting display of gluttony and a finger at the third world. But...


Perhaps the publicity from this contest is a big enough boost to business where they can donate hot dogs to the needy.

And save your criticisms about hot dogs being unhealthy. Nathan's dogs taste pretty darn good, and if that puts a smile on a few people's faces, then what better medicine is a smile, I ask ya.

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I always wish that a Stand By Me like puke-a-thon starts up. Betcha the event would never happen again.

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How many pig were slaughtered for this obscene eat-a-thon?

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Nothing really special. In fact Takamasa has been doing these easting stints throughout Japan all the time, some timed, some not. It's crazy, but I must say, he's still impressive. Just watch his YT channel and see for yourself......

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One of humankind's most disgusting entertainments.

What I would prefer to see? One hotdog: who can eat it in the best style. Judge it like figure skating.

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I understand it takes skill and dedication to win the big or fast eating contests. 

I would say it takes gluttony and an insatiable desire for fame, no matter how foolishly the fame is "earned". Big deal. Hot dog chomping champion. What a great life skill.

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Whatever happened to Takeru Kobayashi?

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These contests, like all contests have the rules they have. They don't need to change their rules to satisfy the 15-17 decenters here.

Dip it in water, gross. And to others, so is putting raw egg on foods, mayo on sandwiches, natty, etc. Unless you're in the contest, who cares.

A stroke or heart attack would be their own choice as they aren't forced to enter the contest once, twice or every time. Just as people here swirling down alcohol consistently, smoking cigarettes, eating poorly every day, etc.

There are people hungry all over the world. It has no bearing on the rest of the world having to ration food supplies. And to anyone who comments on such, remember that each time you go out to eat, fast food junk, something from combini, feel stuffed and throw away leftovers, every eaten at buffet, etc. Get off your moral superiority perch.

It's a hot dog eating contest. Lighten up about the pointlessness. Half the things people do in life are pointless and gross.

The people with no food to eat and literally starving, do you think they are in a position to care about the caloric density or nutrition of hotdogs vs using air as their food source? No.

A lot of the people in these contests have really high metabolisms to begin with and their bodies are used to this intake as they train for it. They contenders are not the guy at your office who can eat a lot.

Pigs have never been slaughtered for making hotdogs. It's a byproduct market. Something vegetarians should be happy for - nothing being wasted.

The act of trying to out-eat all contestants in a hotdog eating contest is no more disgusting than having to watch AKB48 perform to the father's age audience cheering them on to poorly dance/sing/kiss.

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