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Two girls play the shamisen in a self-PR bid (shown on signs and in CD they have) at Tokyo's Ueno Park where temperatures measured 38.5 in the shade on Saturday afternoon.

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Weren't these two just profiled in a JT article this past week??

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Those girls are Ki&Ki !

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Nice shot.

"Shown on the signs", maybe, but a pity the writing is just too small to read.

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such an unmistakable, unforgettable sound. just beautiful

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Those two girls are hot.

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With the current heat, if you closed your eyes while listening to them play you could pretend you were down in Okinawa.

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Yep, that's Ki & Ki. Like their stuff.

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When I was a kid busking was generally frowned upon. Its all changed now.

My little niece is often to be seen doing the same outside Shinjuku station and sometimes at Umeda in Osaka. She's written some good songs. Stop and listen to Kana sometime, you might even want to buy a CD.

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I like the sounds of shamisen, they are so relaxing

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great to see j trad music fans writing in.

everyone, if you like the sound, pick it up and start playing it!!

the fact of the matter is, there is a lot of different styles of the instrument, styles of playing and different types of songs to be played on them. j music has a rich and varied and long history. UNFORTUNATELY many really great teachers with just scary abilities currently have only two or three students, or none! These traditions will die out.

But not for that reason, just for if you llike the music, just start playing.

I wish these girls luck.

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