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Hot time at Wendy's


About 100 people brave the heat to wait in line after the opening of Wendy's in Roppongi on Friday afternoon. It is the American burger restaurant's second store in Japan since its relaunch last December. New items on the menu include the Ocean Premium Caviar & Lobster burger (1,280 yen), Caviar & Lobster Salad (1,580 yen), plus the Japan premium lineup of Iberico Bacon Deluxe (980 yen), Foie Gras Rossini (1,280 yen), Avocado Wasabi (820 yen) and Chili Burger (780 yen). The menu also features the regular lineup of burgers as well as salads, baked potatoes and Frosty desserts.

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People will queue for anything new in Japan. Looking forward to a post-prndial Iberico Bacon Deluxe...

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I just want to see the headlines "Two heart attacks and a heatstroke at the new Wendys restaurants" more news at 7.

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sounds like an interesting menu, will have to check out when the lines go down.

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Hurry up Wendy's and come to Osaka!! I want a chili burger and big bacon classic, plus chili fries!

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Get a life people!

-2 ( +5 / -7 )

The foie gras burger is difficult to eat (mess goes everywhere), but it tastes great!

2 ( +2 / -0 )

No one will be lining up in a month or so, a new fad will have come along for the hive-mind to love for it's 5 minutes of fame.

Maybe if they'd bothered going to Wendy's when it was here last time, it wouldn't have pulled out?

New items on the menu include the Ocean Premium Caviar & Lobster burger (1,280 yen), Caviar & Lobster Salad (1,580 yen), plus the Japan premium lineup of Iberico Bacon Deluxe (980 yen), Foie Gras Rossini (1,280 yen), Avocado Wasabi (820 yen)

Who, in their right mind, goes to Wendy's for stuff like that? Most of them sound revolting.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

Thing about Japan though. People will go here after standing in line for hours in the blaze and of course....buy a lets say...... a wasabi burger. Even though it's the same ole, same ole that they could have gotten anywhere in minutes. But the fact that they got it at a Wendy's changes everything. I can see these people walking, wildly swinging their Wendy's meal bag show to show off.

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Got to love Wendy's! But as Bad2DBone said, got to watch your health and don't go more than once a week.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Baaa! Baaa!!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Stop eating junk food!

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Foie Gras Terrine or pate is best yum. Think I'll go have some.

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Goes to show how incredibly sick of McDonalds people are in japan. The Japanese chains are OK, Mossburger is fine if you have a few spare hours to wait and don't mind annoyingly small portions.

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1300yen for a fast food burger!

The guy who masterminded this Wendy's comeback is responsible for the fact that Pizzas sell here for 3000yen+ (Opening a Dominos store in Ebisu, way back during the bubble) He was on a documentary saying Japanese are very refined and are willing to pay higher prices for good quality, hence charging so much for the Pizza. Other pizza stores just followed suit with prices.

He continued to say that he thinks Japanese want more expensive burgers too (hence the 1300yen foie gras etc burgers at Wendy's). I just hope that the other fast food chains dont follow suit.

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"Premium Caviar & Lobster... Foie Gras..."

Ho ho ho! I'm glad they still have good ol' Wendy's burgers and baked potatoes.

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The only interest I find in a fast food is the FAST!

Hence I do not understand how someone can queue for that. If enough time, better go to a restaurant, relax and enjoy proper food and service.

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Wait in line for a burger on a boiling hot day? No way.

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Is there a Y100 menu? For $3 here I can get a chicken sandwich, fries & frosty. Maybe I'll check it out if I ever get back to Japan (it would be pretty far down on my list of places to visit though).

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how long will the Japanese be known to be those who eat healthy food?

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Well, at least Wendy's burger tastes a lot better than McD's. Then, if I have a choice, I would prefer philly cheese steak sandwich or smoke meat sandwich over burger.

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Why do they queue up for anything and everything in Japan? I bet the same happened when American Eagle opened up in Tokyo... There's an AE in my local mall, never any line up...

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Wendy's has returned to Japan, just like Burger King and IKEA. Next up, ARBY'S? Dunkin' Donuts? A real oldie, Taco Time? It's interesting how these chain stores fail once in Japan, and then make a huge comeback. Maybe they are just nervous, but I really wish they would expand a little faster. Still waiting for a BK and IKEA in Hiroshima. Good luck Wendy's.

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Amazing...some of the most wonderful cuisine i've ever eaten was in Japan and people line up to eat junk food served in the US!

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Oh, Foie Gras..there are "animal rights advocates" waiting to and wanting to close Wendy's..with all the accusations regarding whales/dolphines, better stay out from Wendy's, Japan !!

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Of the 100 people in line.... probably about 80 of them have their own personal food Blog and were just looking for some content. When you have 30 million people living in in such close proximity odds are you'll get lines for almost anything that is marketed well.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Why don't they just go to a regular restaurant instead of ordering "premium junk" food from a fast food restaurant?

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

Wendy's is ONE of my favorite burger chains. Just way too many choices though... BK, Sonic's, Carl's Jr., Good Times, Johnny Rockets. So I've just decided that I'm going to just make my own home made burgers with real Kaiser rolls.

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