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How much for a bite?


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Costumerr?? that is TOKIO band member leader Joshima Shigeru and he is clearing filming for tv show

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I'm sure if you could add it up, you'd find over 2,000 kg of it on sale in the coming days.

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The Japanese are on the way to making Tuna an endangered species. But they will hunt it anyway citing their “unique culture” as the justification.

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Tokio being in your restaurant chain for five minutes on prime time TV will easily be worth 3 million USD. The other TV channels will be doing copycat features. They all copy each other.

I expect tuna to meet the same Japanese indifference as ivory and whaling.

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142 grams (5 ounce) of tuna contains 97.49 micro-grams of mercury. Also all the plastic the tuna has consumed, and every other toxin that's risen up the food chain

Get the litmus paper ready!

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