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Australian actor Hugh Jackman looks at a "kuroko" (a stagehand in traditional Japanese theaters) during a news conference for the movie "The Wolverine" in Tokyo on Thursday. Jackman said he felt his 5th outing in the series was his best yet and said filming in Japan was a dream come true. The versatile entertainer, who is a regular visitor to Japan, said he loves the Japanese culture, tradition, people and food. He also climbed Mount Fuji with his son during his last visit. "Wolverine: Samurai," as the film is titled for Japan, opens here on Sept 13.

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“Wolverine: Samurai,” as the film is titled for Japan

Ohhh boy. Here's hoping "Samurai" makes sense with the storyline. If not, this'll rank up there with the Japanese version of the "Inception" movie poster that showed all the actors on some kind of platform looking out at Mt. Fuji (which wasn't in, and had nothing to do with the movie)

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"Samurai" is apt for this movie. Since the story is based in Japan, it will probably be a hit here.

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I only have ears for you.

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He also climbed Mount Fuji with his son during his last visit.


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Dude looks skinny! Is he okay?

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Very beautiful film, and the whole cast brought a real intensity to the film. The ending, however, slipped back into standard comic book action, and weakened the rest of the film. But I highly recommend this classy intense film

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Hugh, bad manners, you're supposed to ignore them... they get all shy and self-conscious if you stare at them...

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I forgot this movie was coming out. I gotta remember to see it on the big screen.

I can get drawn into my own world too much.

Wolverines's the best character, and out of most super-hero movies, is one of best translated to the big screen. At least the previous x mens were. But 5th? Were there already four?

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