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Hunger strike


Anti-nuclear activists stage a hunger strike in a tent in front of Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry in Tokyo on Friday. The activists have been on a hunger strike since April 17 against the government's plan to restart the Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture. They will end their campaign late Saturday when the last of the country's active nuclear reactors will be switched off. The banner reads: "Protect children from radiation. Don't allow restart of nuclear reactors. All nuclear reactors should be decommissioned. Do not forget victims in Fukushima and surrounding areas.

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If Japan keeps up with this anti nuclear foolishness, ALL of Japan will be on a hunger strike. Only it won't be voluntary.

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gaijinfo - Japan's nuclear disaster here has cost the economy and its public finances dearly.

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In the short term it may be rough, but in the long term it's better to put nuclear power on hold. With it's location on a fault it's just not worth it for Japan. The effects of the radiation from Fukushima won't be seen for years and the people affected will just end up being pushed aside and ignored by their government. The overall job of the government is to protect it's people and if they wanna do that, then they need to re-evaluate their energy options.

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Hunger Strikes have NEVER made any sense to me.. either by activists or prison inmates... You don't want to eat?... Fine, enjoy what happens to you... you did it to yourself.... so ridiculous

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AND another thing... isn't there enough suicides in Japan as is?.... Does Japan really need to show more ignorance by it's citizens?

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Those old blokes would be dead if they hadn't eaten anything since April 17th...

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i dont get the point of a hunger strike??? Thats like cutting off your nose to spite your face?? Your protest can only last so long. Better off chaining yourself somewhere but keep a picnic basket next to you... Keep that protest going for a long time.

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I think money needs to be invested into rural communities and making them the luxury aisle of the country. Not danchis in the middle of nowhere. Oh you were talking electricity-yeah well theyll need that to get out there in those rural natural ecological areas where the food is grown. Maybe that is the point no electricity no food. What annoys me about this is that they say they are protecting the children.

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Hunger strikes are a form of nonviolent protest and no these people aren't committing suicide and are definitely not going to die. Nonviolent protests are used to create buzz and get attention for your cause, which it seems like these people did.

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how fitting, by keeping the nuclear power plants offline; we are slowly starving our economy.

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Apparently it is a come-as-you-are, sit-down hunger strike. Not shown -- just off camera -- insidious government boys wheeled in a yakitori stand... upwind. Lifting a line or two from Woody Allen, 'if the government can get the protesters to eat it will have little trouble putting down the insurrection. If they can get the protesters to eat and lift the check, they surely have won.'

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