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I'll have a Trump Burger please


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"The burger that keeps on flipp'n"

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Eat like an American and get the same diseases. Type II diabetes only increasing. nutritionfacts.org

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This is ridiculous

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Lol, lemmings.

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@Wallace Fred = Spot on !!!

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Lol, lemmings.

Why? It stands to reason that if the people in charge thought this was a good enough burger to serve the president of the US, it's likely a good burger. I want to try it for that reason.

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I had 1 the other day. It really is a great tasting cheeseburger. I think much better than the states.

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How embarrassing this idiot of a president, all the way to Japan and has a cheeseburger and not the local cuisine. This just just how smart he is.

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President Trump could have had the pick of some of the most exquisite dining experiences. At a host of the world’s most exceptional Restaurants.

So President Trump its a cheeseburger, a serving of coleslaw and a side of fries.

I read somewhere, “If you are what you eat, you are what you see and hear”

Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017 - The Full List of Michelin Stars.


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Haruyuki Sano, traveled 1 ½ hours for a taste of "Trump Burger."

Hm, that's one die-hard groupie.

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Damn, that looks amazing. Will definitely try it out once the crowds die down a bit

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If it's an amazing burger, why should it not be eaten simply because Japanese food is also available? If that's what he wanted, and that's what they wanted to give him, I don't see the issue here.

I'd see a bigger issue with forcing him to eat Japanese food if he doesn't like it.

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That does look pretty good. I wouldn't wait in a line for a burger anywhere, but I'd be happy to eat it when the crowd moves on elsewhere.

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On Trump and the local cuisine thing, when I used to go abroad on business, I'd usually avoid the local stuff ( I have a dodgy stomach ). Nothing worse than dodgy guts in a meeting or showing your appreciation of the local food by throwing up or pebble-dashing their toilet. I'd be a bit more adventurous on holiday.

Maybe Trump doesn't like Japanese food. Not everyone does.

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Buns look so good, way better than anything I had in America. Trump is a fun of well done steak though, atrocious.

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I think I preferred freedom fries.

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Tokyo has some of the most renowned Spanish, French, and Italian eateries outside of Europe. A missed opportunity, maybe.

Trump, burger, coleslaw, fries…….and if feeling an overwhelming need for change, a hotdog with mustard and ketchup.

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Tokyo has some of the most renowned Spanish, French, and Italian eateries outside of Europe. A missed opportunity, maybe.

Perhaps the idea of Trump requesting an Italian, French or Spanish restaurant while visiting Japan, a country very proud of its own cuisine, would have been seen as an insult.

At least with a burger you can say he's just an old American guy stuck in his ways. My old boss used to travel abroad with a suitcase full of cup noodles and miso soup paste.

Each to their own.

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Holy crap this is around the corner from me? Did Trump visit the restaurant?

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Well Jimizo, there is one item on the menu that President Trump will have a struggle digesting....his own words.

The queue clearly suggests, 1400 yen is good value.....

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You people crying over what the POTUS ate on his trip to Japan - laughable. Sounds more and more like the ignorant liberals stateside who want to control people's right to say and do as they choose. So what if the guy comes half way around the world and wants a cheeseburger. Are your higher enlightened tastes such that when you visit a foreign country you only eat the exact same meals as the locals and nothing else? Does everyone else who visit the same countries have to eat the way you choose to eat? Get over yourselves.

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Well it looks tasty, I 'll have Trump hamburgers tomorrow probably

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If techies in Japan can make this burger tweet it could probably be elected president...and do a better job!!!!!

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First it's how he fed the fish, now it's what he ate for lunch. Good thing there isn't anything more important to worry about...

Anybody ever stop to think that they wanted to give the US president an example of how good a Japanese restaurant could produce a traditional American meal? I'm sure he had some Japanese food in between burgers.

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