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AKB48 singer Haruka Shimazaka is appearing in a new recruitment ad for Japan's Self-Defense Forces. The catchphrase is "This is a job you can't do anywhere else. You and peace."

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That catch phrase makes absolutely no sense.

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Magnet That catch phrase makes absolutely no sense.

Exactly ! AND what way to TRIVIALIZE all that the Armed Forces of Japan stand for - - - starting with their efficient Emergency Response of catastrophes here in Japan and other nations of the worls !!!!!

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They seem pretty desperate for people to resort to recruitment ads featuring AKB48 singers. Anyone knows if only Japanese nationals are allowed to join or immigrants(PR holders) are eligible too?

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Sorry, I'm not following. "You and peace" doesn't work in English. You need an adjective, otherwise both you and peace have no connection to one another. Also what kind of job is "You"? What kind of job is "peace"? The subject of the first sentence is job, creating these parallelism errors.

Instead, You and peace could have maybe been Your Peace to get a sense of it better, remove the confusion and make peace the job. I think that's the intention.

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CanadianJapan They seem pretty desperate for people to resort to recruitment ads featuring AKB48 singers

Good point !!!!! . . . .

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The History Channel Japan just recently started showing an SDSF training documentary and an NHK special on the military secretly rebuilding after the the war. It seems it's on almost every other day. I don't think this is a coincidence. The propaganda is picking up and it's all part of a campaigns to condition the population to accept the increased militarization of the county. IMO.

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Since the job description has just dramatically changed, I'd be asking for a pay increase right about now if I were in the J"SD"F.

I assume some soldiers/mothers might have second thoughts about their career choice. It's not exactly what they signed up for.

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Japan doesn't have an Army, Navy or Air Force, wink. It would take years to make the SDSF into are real military. It is probably easier getting the recruits than the hardware. Navy needs ships, Air Force needs planes, Army needs mostly everything. Noticed that Mitsubishi is trying to build planes again. Wonder if they will fix the design problems with their WWII era planes? Most of the stuff they have is American made. Not that I'm knowing the tech of the American stuff but it seems overly and unnecessarily complicated. The old Soviet designs seems more practical. US planes spend too much time in maintenance. Not sure if a Navy is practical now a days. Japan would be better of getting their skills up on games and using robots and drones. In case of an EMP, they may need some non-electronic equipment too. Most countries miss that part. A good solar flare would put out of commission GPS, communications, and most satellites. On the civilian side, you will not have power, radio, TV, cellphones, trains, cars, etc.

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For centuries armies have lured the impressionable with sexual fantasy.

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In the past, armies lured recruits with the spoils of war. The JSDF is using the fantasies of AKB48. Just like in the past, they will have to take the good with the bad.

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Great. So the SDF will now have a bunch of otaku playing with weapons. Not quite the "The Few, The Proud, The Marines" is it?

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"You and Peace" works fine as a catch line. I point out strange English in Japan as much as the next guy, but this time it's not strange, and I could see the same line being used in English speaking countries.

My wife brought up an interesting point last night, that relates to this picture/story. She asked me if our son could switch exclusively to my nationality at some point in the future. I said that when he turns 20, he has to choose. She asked about earlier than that, so I asked why. She is worried that with the new changes to the 'interpretation' of the constitution, there will be less people joining the SDF, so they could switch to a forced period of duty at some point, like they do in S. Korea. If that happens, she wants the boy to switch to my nationality so he doesn't have to do it.

...which I'm inclined to agree. I'm not sending my kid off to die for the right-wing nutters in the government here.

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I come from a country the army is obligatory and I can assure you that it is not just another arubaito job as they seem to advertising it. I also don't understand what the word peace has to do with it.

This is not a joke and they should not try to convince people to join the army with lies and especially people dreaming of AKB48 girls.

What they should do is to advertise how tough, organized, professional and technological advanced army they will provide you (or they should) so the people that are really interested in should join. The others should better stay away, they wont make it and in the end they are not needed anyway.

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I think a large part of the country would go into cardiac arrest if any major AKB48 member joined the SDF. Someone should ask her why she hasn't signed up.

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So sad. I've got to agree with Siniestro, military service is not something to be made light of. The advertisements should focus more on responsibly defending one's country. People can die, be maimed, fight in wars etc while in service. Japan needs to get that point across to it's people.

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There are few kids here and unemployment is low, so why would the few young men in Japan join the military? I don't see many tough ones walking around, it's mainly pampered kids and computer nerds. Yet increasing militarization needs soldiers, which means Abe is probably thinking about conscription. Our countries have fed China and made her the power she now is. I am not allowing my kids into the firing line so that Japan and America can try and keep China in her place.

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She's obviously far too young to know what the word "war" means... It starts with changing the constitution so that it no longer means just "keeping the peace" it means provoking former "enemies" to a point where another war becomes a reality. I wonder how she'd feel if her father, uncle, brother(s) and cousins were forced to go to war one day ? Does she realize they could easily just "never come back" ?

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"The History Channel Japan just recently started showing an SDSF training documentary and an NHK special on the military secretly rebuilding after the the war. It seems it's on almost every other day. I don't think this is a coincidence. The propaganda is picking up and it's all part of a campaigns to condition the population to accept the increased militarization of the county. IMO."

I saw that documentary too.. the gordian knot build up for www3

many of these cuso gee gees got war ants in their pants...but many US war experts say Japan is Really only beefing up its ally war mechanism, because the US secretly controls, and Japan must have the US permission before it makes any preemptive strike, and the many bases in Japan will excercise control over any unacceptable to US war tactics--America is now the police of the world under the new world order.... according to US war analyst..beleive it or not Japanese...

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This is a job you can’t do anywhere else.

Why not - and where can you do it at?

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That catch phrase makes absolutely no sense.

The whole concept makes absolutely no sense! Be the best you can be while singing along to AKB48? It's hilarious in the absurd! Using Kumamon would have been better!

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This seems a fair recruiting poster and video. Advertising has moved to the 'warm and fluffy' these days since they started using hopping bunnies to advertise computers in the 80's. Looking at the video ad itself, it says 'Realise your potential' which is what Defence Force ads say in Australia. It holds some hooks for both men and women. It also has the feel of 'emergency and mobilisation' which is what the Japanese govt must be feeling these days. So then, how far is this sentiment from the 'for the Emperor' brainwashing in WW2, time will tell..

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I want you ..... to what? Join the army? Hell no! Get busy together?Well,let's play it by ear.

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Try AKB48 date lottery, for new recruits only .... THAT would bump enrollment.

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20 bucks says AKBSDF-bait will be donning some military fatigues REAL soon, bopping and jumping and swinging their...arms onstage to some parade type music in the near future.

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no doubt that China will think this another act of aggretion from Japan building its armed forces to attic another country

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Thing is you have to fight for peace and that involves death, killing, maiming, being maimed, loss and grief. Good luck with that.

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The dilemma of the LDP, how to get a people that do not want to fight to join the JSDF and fight.

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Japan is awesome in that it's the only country where the armed forces advertise with cute girls rather than with troop action movies. But one suggestion: She should wear a female officers uniform.

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According to a friend, they've also been sending out letters to senior high school boys rying to get them to enlist, her son included.

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With China's growing military power and clear rivalry with Japan, the Japanese better recruit anyone they can get. Even idol otaku.

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