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Journalist Shuntaro Torigoe, a candidate for Tokyo governor, delivers a speech during a campaign for the July 31 Tokyo gubernatorial election, in the Shinjuku shopping district, on Tuesday.

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....nothing will change!

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76...... :(

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This guys done after that scandal, and with him goes any chance of a left of centre individual being voted in. Not that it matters as this election is regional and not national.

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The most serious and impressive candidate, and, not coincidentally, he doesn't dye his hair.

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Why didn't the LDP support Koike? I mean, even just to APPEAR like a non-sexist party. I've no idea what goes on up there in Tokyo but one would hope a woman would get in there and slap down those sexist pigs who booed the female politician some time back. On the other hand, Koike seems like another one of these ideological pols who will spend precious energy on promoting nationalism.

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No one younger is available?

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If you vote for me...we can play jan ken pon...

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@Christopher Glen, there are several in their 30s, but nobody convincing. Well, i guess he will get my vote. That scandal seems to have gone away.

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