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Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest (photos above and below) in Kanagawa Prefecture is lit up by 6 million LED lights. The Illumillion display runs until April 2, 2023.

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That Rainbow Road is begging to be a Mario Kart themed go kart course. The sumikko gurashi displays are adorable. And is that Paddington?

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Culture appropriation

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i thought that all of us have to save electricity because of bad Putin and here rules are different...

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An interesting factoid.....(maybe. Read it, don't really know if it is true.)

Light pollution has been a source of concern for Earth bound astronomers. Since the LED revolution, light pollution has actually gotten much worse, since it is cheaper to buy the electricity that runs the newest lights. People are now less prone to be careful about conservation. So, more lights are on at night, than were before.

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