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Imperial envoys


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These people still lives in another age...

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Are they holding these events in one school gym or do they alternative between several schools? Does anybody know?

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This is just a traditional ritual. They don't do this every day, maybe once in decades.

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his feather is the only one that is straight....

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Like one of those old Edo movies needs more Bob Dylan “Times are a changing!”

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his feather is the only one that is straight....

He gets a straight one because he's the big honcho. It's etiquette that everyone else has a floppy one.

I wonder if the two in penguin suits over on the right feel underdressed and out of it.

These people still lives in another age...

Well, it's monarchy stuff init. Hardly state-of-the-art 21st century stuff.

a ritual of dispatching imperial envoys to the Ise Grand Shrine and mausoleums of the late emperors to report the dates of his enthronement ceremonies

Not like they couldn't email the dates. Or fax them.

I wonder, do they have to have another ritual to inform the late emperors that it's now Reiwa, before they can report the dates?

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I like the interior, it's very Japanese minimalism, serene, unpompous, befitting the zen frugality ethos, BUT, I do wonder if the ceremony itself betrays these values with extravagance and unnecessary pomp.

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Somehow I find these recent images of the rituals rather empty and sad... as if even the participants are simply 'going through the motions', and it all means nothing even to those involved.

In the fussy observer department, not too fond of the black leather shoes/spats with hakama, or the venetian blinds in the background...

That firm vs. limp feather issue may be related to the age of the men... no fun becoming an older male!

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Just by coincidence today as I was driving I was playing Nick Lowe's 1990 CD 'Party of One' in my player. One track on it, 'Gai-Gin Man' details his tour of Japan in early 1989 when Hirohito died and Akihito succeeded him, and he mentions the deceased emperor by name. Now Akihito s being succeeded.

'I'm out here having nothing but fun, I'm a gai-gin man in the Land of the Rising Sun'.

DISCLAIMER:  The spelling 'gai-gin' is Nick's, not mine.

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