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Yachiyo Kuge, from Osaka, mourns the loss of her son Toshiya Kuge, who died at age 20 while aboard United Flight 93. Kuge attended the 11th anniversary ceremony at the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pa, on Tuesday.

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May each and every soul touched in any way by the events of 9/11/01 be comforted in some way. May all the victims rest in peace.

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My thoughts to this woman and her family.

Well said JDB.

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My heart goes out to all the victims and the families that were affected by the horrific tragedy to the fallen innocent of 9/11. I wish peace and hope that such events will never happen again.

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RIP to all the victims.

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RIP. Thoughts to the poor mother who had to bury her child.

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Some people will take decades to get over events like 9/11, London 7/7, Tohoku 3/11 and the 3/11 nuclear disaster.

Last night I pushed a young woman in her wheelchair about 1/2 km to her home, because she was struggling and looked tired. She was a victim of the Kobe'95 earthquake, so some people have to live with these events for their whole life.

My brother worked at the Twin Towers but was off that day.

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This is painful memory for me. I was scheduled to fly on the very next United flight that morning on 9-11 from Newark to SFO. We ended up staying in NYC till Friday when flying resumed. For those three days being in NYC was quite surreal but also quite remarkable in that NYC folks were 100% united in supporting each other. It took me 6 hours for example to give blood at a local gym as it was packed with volunteers.

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I was supposed to fly to NYC on the 12th. Instead, I spent the day contacting family and friends to see if they were all right. None died. A few friends had close calls escaping from ground zero. My heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones.

Toshiya Kuge stands out in my memory for some reason. He was a student a Waseda. Like the other passengers, save for the terrorists. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That he was all the way from Japan underscored the randomness that took so many lives on 11 September.

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No matter how sad and angry that day made me feel, it's dwarfed by my admiration for all the heroism and spirit of the New Yorkers and Americans I saw and read about.

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To all those who have died as a result of 911, you are missed by many.

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RIP to all the victims and their families.

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There's a yakitori place near one of the train stations I use. First time I went there a couple months ago with my wife & 2 sons. We were just checking it out on the way home from shopping on a late Saturday afternoon; have some yakitori & a frosty beer; the smell of the chicken grilling was hard to resist & had noticed in passing before that it had a friendly vibe & nice red lanterns. The proprietor immediately starts chatting with my boys & doing some cool magic tricks. Asking where I'm from I say originally from New Jersey. He says he knows it as he goes to New York every year via Newark airport, in the early autumn. I tell him, that's a nice time of year, not crowded & cooler weather. Later after bringing the drinks & food we ask if he learned the tricks to entertain customers. He explains, not really, the magic is for communicating with kids in Afganhistan - he's been going there, too since about 7 yrs ago...... I look at him and the realization, like a wave; my eyes moistening as he shows me a picture of his son, the elite banker in a suit, in New York. The grieving father still proud & at the same time so devastated after all these years.. He's there now, in New York. A nice time of year.....

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