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Insect repellent


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Would be interested to see a study on this. I love learning about the old folk remedies.

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Ginkgo biloba extract is a blood thinner. Not to be taken with other blood thinners.

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I'll just buy moth repellent and go with a sure thing.

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I don’t know about the leaves, but the seed (actually the rind surrounding the seed) is one of the smelliest things I’ve come across, and will repel anything.

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The trees are beautiful and produce great autumn colour, but my missus would let me plant one in our garden due to the smell. It's pretty bad on all accounts.

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Plant male trees and you wont have the smelly pods from the female tree:


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In spring they smell of sperm, and in autumn they smell of vomit. Or the other way around, I forget. Either way, they are as unpleasant to sniff as they are pleasant to see.

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