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International Olympic Committee Vice President Craig Reedie, center, of Britain walks past kimono-clad models as he visits Tokyo Big Sight on Wednesday. The IOC's evaluation commission is currently on a four-day inspection of Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympics.

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Tomorrow's News Today : Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympics Bid !

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Do these guys really get deep into inspecting things such as space, logistics, and other issues that come into play behind the scenes when they visit various countries? Or do the base thier decisions on much they get pampered and wined and dined?

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Seriously how hard can you inspect one of the largest cities in the world in four days?

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This is getting so much coverage, you'd think it was a forgone conclusion !

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Seriously how hard can you inspect one of the largest cities in the world in four days?

Read the article properly, they are inspecting the "bid" not the city.

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I wish these IOC inspectors would drop into the cities they are inspecting a few months prior to their official visit and a few months after their official visit.......... anonymously without the bidding countries officials knowing........just so they could get a real feel of the city without the rockstar fanfare, limos and facade that is propped up in front of their eyes 24/7 during their 'official' vists. I know they are inspecting the 'bids' but alot of what they see outside the boardroom and site plans certainly goes into their consideration for selecting the city. Oh and of course the extras that are no doubtly thrown their way too.

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I would be SHOCKED if they didn't have guys on the ground in each bid city doing work for them. Aside from the fanfare and bureaucracy of it all, I'm sure that the IOC probably has a system in place to ensure that they don't accidentally choose a bid based on their best face.

I'm really really optimistic for Tokyo 2020! Between all three cities, I think this is definitely the winning choice.

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Could be the timing of the photo, but he does not look pleased.

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pampered, wined, dined, bribed, and whatever else floats their boat. Japan should be great at convincing them

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