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The Patriot system is absolute junk and no match for modern weapons, this is paraphrasing Andrei Martynov.

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Piece of junk! Interesting how the bunk about them being able to destroy the Russians hypersonic missile has disappeared from the airwaves after the riskiest took one out in Ukraine…

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Great system. Takes out some hypersonic, ballistic and other type missiles as well as aircraft.

So great a system the anti west brigade find it necessary to get online to bag it, thats how you know its good.

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Like everything else Russia has tried unsuccessfully to copy: ours works.

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Raytheon Technologies is under investigation for overcharging the US military. But their systems generally work over 90% of the time. I can't speak for actual numbers, since those aren't public. It is definitely possible to be over-hyped equipment.

The PA-3 is a shorter range solution than the SM-6. The SM-6 b1a is very impressive. The US has already cleared Japan, South Korea and Australia for purchases.

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Everything has a paradigm.

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Rather than just defensive, offensive deterrence needed.

World = much place if we can evolve beyond war, stop the endless wasteful dangerous destabilization and focus together on solutions to shared problems.

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The Patriot system is absolute junk and no match for modern weapons

same patriot Kiev forces using?

proved to be updated overpriced and unreliable.

Lol, modern weapons are something Russia doesn't have then - because Russia has had to resort to trying to overwhelm Ukraine with huge numbers of missiles. A lot of them are shot down

If Russia had modern weapons, they'd be using a lot less missiles. "Overwhelming with quantity, not quality" Lol

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