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It's all about legs


A good manners poster is seen on the wall at Akihabara Station on the Hibiya subway line in Tokyo.

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They can cross their legs ala Sharon Stone

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I can't even cross my legs except at the ankles. It's really a bit rude and obnoxious to have somebody's foot/shoe into your space or even in your face. And with Covid still raging, that makes it worse.

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I'll cross my legs if I want. I'm a paying customer.

How old are you ??..

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They really love signs about manners here. Too bad no one follows them.

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And here we are, folks. ( Let’s tell the truth, because I’m not buying that “English is cool” theory ). Another poster ( that’s bad English btw ) for these ill-mannered gaijin. “ let’s see if they learn how to behave properly in the land of the rising sun “.

smh ...

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Yet, what’s even more selfish than crossing legs are those that take up more than one seat with all their excess baggage. Maybe not overindulge, next time your out shopping or at the market, grandma ?

@Hervé L'Eisa 8:33am: “How about: Obachans, don't put your 6 shopping bags on the seats?” -

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In a xenophobic society, many dislike the apparent confidence of the North American ‘Figure-4’. Beaten, tired (and/or drunk), elderly Japanese men seem to sit slouched forward with legs crossed at the ankles at the end of the day. Some Japanese men sit in a more sophisticated, European fashion: their legs crossed with one knee atop the other. Question is: Where should their bags go? Tucked under their seat?

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There’s a luggage rack overhead - how about using it !?

Because not everyone is able to reach the luggage rack and some have physical disabilities that prevent them from using it.

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I get that they think using English on ads is cool but for the love of Pete, can they at least use grammatically correct English?? "Don't cross legs" - whose legs shouldn't be crossed?

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How about people who insist on holding their cumbersome bags on their laps, like they’re hugging a baby ?

Or people who insist on wearing their oversized jackets while seated, despite the heating being on ?

There’s a luggage rack overhead - how about using it !?

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Why is the person sitting in the middle looking worried or anxious? Bit weird

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I was referring to the words on top. I'll give them credit - the sentence at the bottom seems ok. It's as if they got a native speaker to translate only half the poster.

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Why use English? I don't get it: this applies to the majority of people, Japanese by far, so why English? These types of warnings or complaints written with English diminish the impact by making it funky or cool or just irrelevant.

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Christ, they couldn't even get the English correct. Cross whose legs?

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Shouldn't this be in Japanese?

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I prefer to cross my legs because it eases pressure of my spine.

Too much interference. How about no Farting? Burping? or yawning.

People are adults. I don't mind. I don't think this is about the person next to each other, I think its more about the people walking down the carriages. At which point I Un-cross my legs for them, then I recross them.

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The constant hectoring by the rail network is irritating to say the least, endless anouncements telling you the escalator is dangerous, telling you where to stand, how to sit, not to speak, not to use your phone, that the corona virus is waiting to pounce on you. The net result is low level stress and thoughtless compliance. Also noted is the abnormalization of masks.

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totally agreed

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I don't mind if someone crosses his or her legs beside me, as long as he or she didn't step in Dog Poo just a few minutes ago.

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"It's nice that they included a Japanese translation in small print out of consideration for the Japanese-speaking minority of this nation."

A foreign resident in Japan, I've always tried to give Tokyo a miss. This only confirms my image of Japan's claustrophobic capital.

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As long as no one is around me I will happily cross my legs. It's kind of common sense not to invade the personal space of others, isn't it? I don't see a problem with it unless people are sitting next to you.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Agree with the content of the poster, but it is honestly not something I really deal with too often. In 10+ years of riding the commuter trains here, this has happened probably less than 10-20 times? I've seen it more when I used public transit in other countries. When the train is empty sure, but it isn't really a problem then.

I think it is enough of a rarity that it does stand out when it happens though.

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It's 'interesting' that all of the signs like this, that say "don't to something", are in English.

Yet the signs providing useful information, those are only in Japanese.

Not a problem or a complaint, just.... interesting.

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Crossing my legs is my way of maintaining social distance on the subway! Don’t want people breathing down on me through their gaping nylon masks.

-4 ( +5 / -9 )

Mansplay is not PC.

Allow me to change that to "personsplay".

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

It's nice that they included a Japanese translation in small print out of consideration for the Japanese-speaking minority of this nation.

22 ( +25 / -3 )

It's all about the mansplay.

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How about: Obachans, don't put your 6 shopping bags on the seats?

No problem in the "Green Car", so I pay the extra cost for the reserved seating whenever possible. Cattle-car, no thank you.

I prefer driving in the privacy of my own car.

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this just shows how Tokyo trains are crazy, you don’t have the freedom or space to cross your legs for a second.

Hell, I remember not being able to reach for my pocket and hold my phone in front of me. All other japanese capitals (except for Osaka) are ok, only in Tokyo you commute like cattle, earning quite a nice $$ but having 3rd world quality of life every single morning

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Seiza only cars?

8 ( +12 / -4 )

... because it can cause posture induced common peroneal nerve palsy.

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I'll cross my legs if I want. I'm a paying customer.

They come out with these smug, insulting posters all the time. Why don't they solve the space problem by ditching the communal-type bench seats and create scooped out individual seats, as in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc. or have horizonal separation bars serving as armrests as in London?

They're the ones with the power to fix the comfort problem. Not us. We give them our money to do the job.

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nice reminder, may be on all station.

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