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Image: George Zhou
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Izu blossoms


A cherry blossom tree stands alongside the Kano River in the Ohito area of Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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Cherry blossoms and autumn/gingko leaves make Japan so beautiful.

Just this morning I saw someone sweeping the beautiful pink carpeted sidewalk and road petals right into the drainage. Every single time......

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Concreet has ruined a lot of beautiful rivers and streams in Japan. Often so depressing travelling in rural Japan

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Those rivers must also withstand the gushing waters during the typhoon season.

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I'd rather have a hanami there than at a place like Ueno or Osaka Castle.

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One of my favorite cycling routes is alongside the Kano River. Just to clarify, in the photo above, the river and cycling path are on the left out of shot. On the other side of the canal is a small park with several cherry trees. Nice little area, very peaceful, calming Izu scenery and on the more rural side of the Kano River.

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I wish I could live there, owning land, worry free...

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Best blossoms on earth!!


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