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Got turned away from a Red Cross blood donation center recently because I hadn't made an appointment to come in and give blood.

I have been giving blood for 50 years, and have never made an appointment. Maybe the need for blood isn't as severe as they say it is.

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I was turned down once because I was a foreigner. Never offered since.

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I used to give blood regularly until BSE came along. Now my UK blood isn't wanted.

They were very nice about refusing though, even gave me one of the the ball pen and memo pad sets they were handing out to donors as a thank-you.

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Last I heard, UK blood isn’t welcome anywhere outside the British Isles, after BSE.

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My blood is deemed to be dirty too.

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UK blood isn’t welcome anywhere outside the British Isles

I don't know about anywhere else. In Japan it's those of us who sent more than a certain length of time in various places during a particular period. I, Mr. cleo and our daughter are out of it, our son counted up the days and he's still allowed to give.

31 days or more spend in the UK between 1980 and 1996

6 months or more spent in the UK between 1997 and 2004

6 months or more spent in Ireland, Italy, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and/or Portugal between 1980 and 2004

6 months or more spent in Switzerland between 1980 and the present

5 years or more spent in Austria, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and/or Luxembourg between 1980 and 2004

5 years or more spent in Iceland, Albania, Andorra, Croatia, San marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Norway, the Vatican, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Lichtenstein and or Romania between 1980 and the present

If any of the above apply to you, Japan doesn't want your blood.


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I’m contaminated too.... apparently. Too picky if you ask me

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This IS Japan. The "reasons" for refusing blood donation from a gaijin are too numerous to list. Like "Speed" above, I gave up long ago.

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Here in The States, British blood is turned down, although there might be a time limit.

My blood is actually in high demand, they have told me. It has no antibodies for STDs, so they use it for prenatal and HIV surgeries, just to be extra careful about avoiding infections.

Tried to make an appointment online after being turned down in-person, but was unable to sign in to their website. Kind of frustrating. I would think it would be easier to give blood. Next step is to call and talk to someone directly.

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