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Japan Expo Belgium


Cosplay enthusiasts visit Japan Expo Belgium in Brussels on Saturday. The festival promotes manga comics, books and the video gaming industry from Japan.

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I wonder what the subject of conversation is...

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ballads1: "Because westerners know only a few about Japan, it could be a good introduction."

Or it could be really, really bad if it's a means to promote culture, as it's only going to be known about and appeal to people who in fact KNOW about Japanese culture and are into cosplay. Personally, I think these things are great, and while I'm not into it, I think it must be a hoot for the people who are -- much like those who are into Comicon. Still, to suggest this as a gateway to Japanese culture is not really flattering outside the fringe.

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That's what I missed during the Japan Week in Poznań sigh

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Because westerners know only a few about Japan, it could be a good introduction. Actually, many Europeans watch anime everyday, like their grandfathers/mothers watched US movie in the 60's. It is evolution.

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" Iiiiiii LIKE it " !

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How did they react to the obligatory satanic Kumamon dance?

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At first glance I thought this was a late Halloween party.

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Here, please accept this gift, a plastic water bottle.

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