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Japan gets new U.S. envoy


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the 4th? What is he, royalty?

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The "Indian Treaty Room"? Sure inspires confidence in keeping our word on anything.

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I. Come. In. Peace. Take. Me. To. Your. Leadeeeerrr - hes totally saying this

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I hope he's not a Trump puppet.

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Finally! Trumps been in office 6 months already!

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the 4th? What is he, royalty?

If he is, then so is my old car mechanic, Robert Smith III.

I hope he's not a Trump puppet.

How do you think one becomes an Ambassador? Many of Obama's ambassadors were "bundlers", that is, people who raised 6 or more figures in dollars for his campaign. Bush's ambassadors, and Clinton's were appointed as rewards for political favors, that's the way it is done. Sometimes appointments are rewards, other times they are punishments. Do something wrong, and you end up as ambassador to Libya, Afghanistan, or Haiti.

Finally! Trumps been in office 6 months already!

It's a big world with a lot of countries. If he appointed a new ambassador each day it would take much longer than 6 months.

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