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Hundreds of college students clap hands during a pep ceremony to start their job-hunting season at Tokyo's Hibiya Park on Wednesday.

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The guy in the middle and the guy right behind him ares going to get jobs as sumo wrestlers, and the guy in the lower left is going to get a job as a web page designer.

Good luck, guys!

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Hundreds of college students clap hands during a pep ceremony to start their job-hunting

Boys Only? Girls didn't graduate or were barred from attending ceremony?

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There are some girls in the background.

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Despite living here, paying taxes, being a citizen (following their laws), married and raising a kid... I could not imagine going through what the average Joe goes through here (that includes living with your boss and coworkers more than your family). For all I know with no captions...I would guess AKB48 was on the other side.

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This reminds me of my first visit to Japan 7 or 8 years ago. I remeber seeing these hundreds of black suit wearing people all over the place and my BF telling me they were looking for jobs - thought it was just something that happened every day :) I can't see any females in this picture at all.

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I hope they're all still smiling when job-hunting season is over. My friend's kid isn't, nor are lots of his friends.

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Good luck, job hunters!

If you all want to be marketable, learn English, learn Chinese, and get overseas experience. If you all REALLY want to be marketable, you would've done these already!

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Badge213, are you in that picture? And good luck job hunting.

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See them so often, bumbling around in their ill-fitting suits and brand new shoes, lost and nervous. Those smiles will be short-lived, I'm sure.

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yeah...my life is over!

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"Yay!!! Our entire third year of school is a write off! Get out of my way! I'm next on the grinding mill!"

Good luck, boys and girls.

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No joy you Son

This bad Economy.. may call you , some day come and live in Hibiya Park

is the Home for hundreds of people .

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Your start may not end up in Hibiya park .

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good luck job hunting!

but at the same time this old & tired tradition needs to go the way of the dinosaurs, like many things in Japan this too needs a serious re-vamp!

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What on earth have they got to be so cheerful about? Do they know the "jobs for all and for life" 80s finished 22 years ago??

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being a citizen

Get the feeling that you arent.

Part of Japans problem, as well as the rest of the western world is that being a low to medium level salary man working in an airconditioned sweatshop is seen somehow as superior to being a qualified tradesman, manufacturing worker or farmer. That is until you start working 60 hour weeks or getting transferred to Saitama an leaving your family behind.

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@DentShop- You are SO SO SO SO right. Kids need to LEARN a skill like electric repair, carpentry, farming that kind of thing. There is a lot of demand for that all over the world and of course in Japan. I think it is LUNACY that people here all go out and try to get a job all at once...Of course that will reduce the odds of you actually finding one.

also, why are there no women in the picture at all?

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awesome photograph :) most guys seem smiling. japan needs their young power to revive from misery. Good luck for their job hunting!

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Yoshinoya or Sukiya? What a dilemma.

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if you are not smart enough to get respectable professional degrees, learn skills like underwater welding (which pays A LOT), or other skills that many people need. otherwise, good luck.

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I'm so happy for them, so much ahead of them... Maybe they can do a much better job than the lying bozos running TEPCO and the govt.

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Here is another photo that illustrates the event in a much better way : http://cache.20minutes.fr/photos/2012/02/09/japanese-college-students-watch-diaporama.jpg

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That's right, smile now, because any bit of individuality will be beaten out of you once you graduate and become a cog in the wheel of Japan Inc. The fact that you are all dressed identically should be the first clue about the next 40 years or so.

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@herefornow totally agree with you, as for the job seekers only half of them will find a job the other half will become temps struggleing to make the minimum wage. the really smart ones would have studied english & overseas so if they cant handle the Japan inc job mentality they will always have the option of woking in a different country.

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why are there no women in the picture at all?

because they're already ahead on the hunt.

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reminds me of a Zerg Rush

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Another generation of dreary salarymen.

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this reminds me of http://obsoletegamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/ZergRush.jpg

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