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Actor Johnny Depp poses for photographers in front of his fans upon his arrival at Narita airport on Saturday. Depp and director Tim Burton will attend the Japan premiere of their latest movie "Dark Shadows" at Roppongi Hills on Saturday night. They'll hold a news conference on Sunday afternoon, before leaving Japan. This is Depp's first visit to Japan since last year's disaster. "Dark Shadows" opens in Japan on May 18.

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Saying it's his first visit since last year's disaster makes it sound like it this movie is a disaster too.

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probably is...

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I've seen the trailer for Dark Shadows. I can't believe they tried to make Dark Shadows into a comedy. Jonathan Frid, who played Barnabas Collins in the original series, and died just 3 weeks ago, must be rolling in his grave.

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I saw The Avengers for the 3rd time yesterday instead of this. The Burton/Depp/Carter show got old a long time ago.

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We watched this at the theatre last night. It's good. A lot of good one-liners. Interesting video effects.

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I saw The Avengers for the 3rd time yesterday

gamera - I guess the involved, sharp, witty dialogue needs to be heard again and again to be truly appreciated, eh?

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