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The Japanese women's team pose with their gold medals after winning the team final at the World Judo Championships in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

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Friendly looking group. Congrats to them

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With continued training and preparation, we'll see another pic like this in about three years. Again, from Rio ! You go. ladies !

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Rectangular medals... Cool.

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Good results after dumping abusive coach

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There was a huge change in the rules (to traditional Judo), but getting a new coach was probably the key. More good teachers are always needed and not everyone has the skill and ability to teach.

Judo is on the up and with Ronda Rousey (most popular fighter) in the MMA it is very popular.

First- and second-grade students in junior high schools will be required to take martial arts classes such as judo, kendo or sumo from the start of the 2012 school year in April. Each school will be free to pick the martial art it teaches, but many are expected to choose judo because it is easier to get the necessary equipment.

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