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Congratulations to winner Koga Wakana and challenger and runner-up Melanie Legoux Clement.

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One of the finest athletes on the planet. Congratulations.

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Man hands

wasn’t that a Seinfeld episode ?

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Congratulations” to Koga Wakana, [Age 20 years] of Japan. Here she poses with her gold medal after defeating Melanie Legoux Clement during the women's 48kg final match at the Grand Slam Paris 2021 Judo tournament in Paris on Saturday.

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Most judoka *ShinkansenCaboose*****,**male or female’ ARE: “Obviously super strong*.”

*- @ShinkansenCaboose 10:24am**: “Man hands. Obviously super strong”*

(***Please note: respectful use of FULL username is the appropriate protocol. - Best to You.)

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Man hands. Obviously super strong.

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One of the most memorable times and photo in someone's life, and they have to wear the stupid mask. The flowers, a gold medal and that, covering the face.

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I was hoping she'd be smiling under that mask, but her eyes make it obvious she isn't.

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