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Jump in my car


A visitor drives a three-wheeler Toyota i-ROAD electric concept car at the media preview for the Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight convention hall in Tokyo on Wednesday. The biannual exhibition of vehicles in Japan runs for the public from Saturday, Nov 23 through Dec 1.

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Can't jump into that one-sitter until he jumps out.

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So, this is how future cars look like? :)

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Probably fits in the bike lane

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This reminds Simpson's electric car.


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If that "car" hits a squirrel... The car will be totaled so will the driver. I think the squirrel will walk out with a band aid on its forehead.

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Its not exactly a chick magnet, and you still have to be sober to drive it. I'll wait for one of those automatic cars that will drive me around drunk. Cool how it leans when turning though.

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We really need steam driven cars. The steam goes up in the air and comes down later as rain. Nothing lost. The small amount of fuel to keep the steamer hot would be insignificant. However, since the oil industry and auto industry are attached at the hip, we will never see anything that would be a real answer for the people or environment.

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Dasai! better design please

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I was there today and saw that car being demonstrated. It could almost turn on a dime and looked fun to drive. However, there were a lot more cooler vehicles on display that could have been used for an article here.

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Would hate to get hit in one of these !

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is this from the Tokyo "Motor" Show or Tokyo TOY show?

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Just another concept-car to showcase some new tech & thinking, it will never be produced like the vast majority of concept/demo vehicles.

Always wanted a Maserati Boomerang but alas ....

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I would love to recline in that with google auto-pilot turned on and just sleep on my way to where ever

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More trouble than it's worth. 1) can't drive on the freeway. 2) you'd have a better chance of finding a place to park if you just had a bicycle.

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a three-wheeler Toyota i-ROAD electric concept car

I already see a marketing mistake one here for the product. No, this is not a Car. Toyota needs to treat this like a ATV.

A right marketing and pricing is critical for a success in US..

Instead of selling this as a car, as it has no access to a 70 mph (112 kmph) freeway, it should be sold as a shopping tool to local grocery stores, going to YMCA, down town for frugal US consumers. Most of us have two/three cars garage. Good luck, Toyota.

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I love that little thing. Obviously, I would not want to be in an accident on it, just as I have to be extra careful on my motorcycle. This looks great for around town efficiency or a country road's week-end ride.

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Nice mobile car/trike however, if you get hit in it by a car/truck chances of living would be slim.

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I would like to see 8-10 of these cars racing each other on a mini track.

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