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Mazda Motor Corp Chief Executive Masamichi Kogai poses with the company's new Demio compact car during a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday. Kogai said Mazda plans to sell 200,000 redesigned Demio vehicles, also known as the Mazda2, globally each year.

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Mazda are absolutely nailing it design-wise. Their new lineup is gorgeous, and those with a keen eye for detail will notice that the front grille pays homage to the world-beating Savannah of the 70s!

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Mystery why Mazda doesn't do better. they make some great cars.

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Mr Demio looks a bit angry me thinks. Maybe he was expecting some long-legged lady sitting on his hood? Great design.

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"Mystery why Mazda doesn't do better. they make some great cars."

I think it's because Japan's market is crowded with makers, especially now with sales and population shrinking. Mazda's cars are also too upmarket for developing countries.

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Mazda make great cars, we love them in Australia, I own 2 myself :)

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I had a Mazda6, 2.3liters and it was a great drive but had to downgrade to a smaller car. The design of the new Mazda range is great. Looking forward to test drive the Mazda2 when it arrives.

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the front grille pays homage to the world-beating Savannah of the 70s! Really? I didn't notice but I do love the RX-7 savannah as it was shown in "Initial D".

i have a Demio myself, the hatchback version from 2009 (I just fell in love with that one the moment I saw it) and now with this new lines I´m thinking to change it for a Mazda 6 2014 (it has the Atenza design) the front grille is just like that.

Mazda is not that popular here, but mostly because it is not cheap and parts are expensive, here, people want cars where you can easily find replacement parts, they do not realize that with a mazda you'll need them once in a while because they are almost eternal. My car for example, has never suffered a panne and in November it will be 6 years old, I have invested in its maintenance, but never, ever had a problem with my beautiful car.

Not sure if I bought this demio though, I like hatchback versions for this size but I'll gues I would have to see "in person" for it to seduce me ;)

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Mazda has been turning out a lot of quite good cars lately.

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Bought a new Mazda3 a few months ago. The Kodo design is really cool and the technology, materials, functionality and equipment is quiet good for the money. Will have to see running costs and longevity. Drive could be more direct and stiffer to my taste, but that's just me. The Demio looks cooler than ever in Kodo design!

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They're ok I suppose. Lot of good competition out there right now, if it's not special, it won't make much headway.

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