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Staff members clean a Toyota i-Road electric vehicle in Tokyo on Thursday. Tokyoites will get a chance to zip around town in this three-wheeled electric car-cum-motorbike from Friday, in a trial aimed at crafting a global business model to reduce gridlock and pollution. See story here.

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You get hit in this thing, and you'll starve to death before you quit rolling !

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Looking at the picture... the name of the EV appears to be "Homo". Hmmm... I'd really worry about getting rear ended in this vehicle.

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Japanese tuk-tuk minus the smoke and pollution. Interesting.

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I wouldn't mind having an enclosed electric micro car. Parking, quiet, a degree of comfort, heat inside, and sustainable.

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Toyota should mass-produce it as soon as possible.

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Motorcycles are much less safer than this and I see so many people riding. You cannot compare with a car of course but if your are thinking like that you should get a Hammer to make sure you are always safe against others.

I think its great. Its weather proof and much more stable on driving than a motorcycle. Its ideal for all those people going to work and a use a whole car (sometimes SUV) just to move one person, creating huge traffic and pollution problem.

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I have seen this? Or something very similar to this being used for delivery services near my office. Completely silent, single seater electric 4 wheeled car. Super smart IMO

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nobody will buy this. please start making normal cars that do not need gas instead of these silly things nobody wants

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@ Debucho Agreed.... it is idiotic. There are already plenty of two wheeled scooters that offer protection from the elements that are 1/3 the price of what this would probably cost. This is the thing I very much dislike about Japanese companies... its like they all smoke weed and come up with ideas that are cool but have no real commercial potential.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

The single seater COMS delivery EV that Toyota makes can be bought for around 600,000yen. Three wheeled scooters with a flimsy roof/windshield (eg Gyro which you talk about) offer nothing in protection compared to them, and is probably not far off that price.

What you arent seeing is that this bridges the gap between car and scooter. Bigger than a scooter, smaller than a car it is likely exactly what some customers want.

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I might buy one for my four-year-old nephew.

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At ¥412 for 15 mins, these are double the cost of Park24's regular car share scheme.

Allow me to thank the early adopters in advance for making these i-Roads more feasible for the rest of us.

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What's the range? I think for inside large crowded cities in japan and other parts of Asia, this vehicle has a market. Does it come with air conditioning and GPS etc? One problem is that if you have say one hundred in a train station parking lot and they don't have some way of identifying them, how do you find your vehicle. Maybe a beeper that starts going off the closer you get to it would work. I still prefer riding the crowded buses and trains where I can have lots of physical contact with the opposite sex and sometimes get a phone number and a friend with benefits. LOL

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Hawkeye, while i cant refute your arguments for taking crowded buses (though most of the time it is older people of the same sex that you are in physical contact with), the comment about finding your vehicle would be the same as any car? Or bike for that matter? How do you find your bike in a lot with 5000 other mamacharis?

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Title should be "Jump over my car"

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