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Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez of Real Madrid poses with Toyota's hybrid Sienta during a promotional event by the Japanese automaker in Tokyo, on Thursday. The car's price starts at ¥1,689,709. At left is emcee Christel Takigawa.

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I'd imagine someone of Rodriguez's fame and wealth wouldn't be seen dead in one of these. Probably has a few Lamborghinis or similar..

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Cheap. but not nice looking.

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What a contrast with the older model - a very practical 6 seater that was totally bland.

Price point is great for such a versatile package. It shares a lot of the Aqua's DNA - engine, dashboard and front styling cues, so the new look is not too unfamiliar with its target ownership.

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I never understood the point of trying to sell something by paying a wealthy person to endorse it, even though they never themselves would never buy it.

Unless you're trying to say, this multi-millionaire would never buy this, but if you worked for him, you could buy this car on the meager salary he gives you.

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It would look a lot better as a 2-seater coupe.

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harvey pekar - many consumers are aspirational in that they want to emulate their heroes as best they can. If driving a car or buying a biscuit that their hero endorses can do that - many will do that. If a millionaire is associated with something that is inexpensive, then it gives the impression that it is a greater value than the price may tell.

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If Toyota can fit (pun not intended here!) the 2.0-liter Valvematic engine from the European market Toyota Avensis on the Sienta and change the nose design to be not so strange looking, this vehicle could actually sell in the USA as an alternative to the American-market "minivan" (a word I use advisedly nowadays!) for many families.

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