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Gold medal winner Eric Frenzel of Germany jumps on the podium as silver medalist Akito Watabe, left, of Japan and bronze medalist Magnus Krog of Norway, look on, during the presentation ceremony for the nordic combined individual normal hill 10 km event of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, on Wednesday.

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Frenzel played Akito like a chump. He let Akito hold the lead and just chilled in second spot, till, BAM! right at the end Frenzel poured on the juice and shot by the tired leader. How did Akito not see this happening?? Strategy, man, strategy.

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Well done Watanabe 選手! Too bad you ran out of gas at the last moment. おめでとう!

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Damn...still got those Red Bull wings working.

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Dudes got a good vertical jump going on, maybe we will see him in the summer Olympics next!

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GG2141 said: Frenzel played Akito like a chump.

Watabe actually did pretty well. Just look at what happened to Evgeniy Klimov. He started the cross country race in third place behind Watabe and finished dead last. Congrats to Frenzel, Watabe and Krog.

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This moment needs Van Halen's Jump as soundtrack. Great job, guys!

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