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Seiichiro Nishimoto, CEO of Shelter Co, poses wearing a gas mask at a model room for the company's nuclear shelters in the basement of his house in Osaka.

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In a house.

In Japan.

In my few decades in this country I think I've seen two houses with basements. Everyone else without a basement will have to cower in the bathtub.

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LOL and in a few months when all this bluster has dissipated, this ceo will be smiling all the way to his vacation in cancun.

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I agree ! I haven't yet seen a house with a basement over here ! (It's the one thing we'd like to have "dug out" for us !)

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What an unusual look! So the threat of a nuclear war is increasing. Let's get ready for just in case.

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Well, if the radiation doesn't kill you, having to view this room's decoration will...

Basement....In a house....In Japan.

There is a geological issue, for most of Japan soil. Gas passes through ground cracks and concentrates in underground rooms, and that makes them very dangerous. Either the gas overload suffocates you or a sparkle may cause an explosion, then fire... In Osaka, there are other problems. The city is at 95% on reclaimed land. Digging can change the balance, affect land stability for the whole block or provoke floods. So they don't allow you to dig your basement as easily as they do in some other countries. If you really want one, you have to make your basement safe (with air evacuation, etc), and commit to maintain it and pay for regular controls. That costs really too much for individual houses. Except for certain persons I guess.

Everyone else without a basement will have to cower in the bathtub.

A nuke shelter does not need to be underground. But well, I have seen only one in my years in Japan, in a military facility and I'm not even sure that was a real one or just a sample to show to visitors. I'm even less sure that's really useful. It's surely easier to get along with North Korea than equiping over 100 millions of persons.

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I'd like to see the sales report from last year. So 8 this year compared to 6 all last year. Maybe the sales report will list all six bought between January and April, making this NOT a surge as the global MSM are reporting it as. So the globalists are trying to create some more fear....go figure.

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