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Yup, but still nothing off-base here on Okinawa.

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I just noticed they had a similar sign in one of my local supermarkets. Needless to say, nobody took any notice. Eyes rolling.

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Similar signage at Narita when I caught a flight out of the country yesterday. The place was a ghost town. So empty that the Special Assistance driver almost prostrated himself begging me to let him drive me to my gate. Absolutely unnecessary for me, but I agreed for the sake of his mental health.

In another area employees in one area were polishing the spokes of the parked wheelchairs for something to do.

One per wheelchair each two meters apart, right? Nope. All 5 clumped around one chair. It's like the nattering of escalators. No one pays attention. It's just noise.

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My Tokyo neighborhood needs those signs. People line up a few inches behind me and get on the escalators right behind me, like nothing has happened. A 500,000 yen fine for violators wouldn't go amiss, either.

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Don't know where you get your info, but there are 13 active COVID-19 cases off-base on Okinawa and 3 active cases at Kadena Air Base.

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I just went to SanA and no signs about keeping a safe space, and not sure where you get your info, but there are 21 case on Okinawa Don't care if it's on or off base it's the same virus.

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