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A toilet roll for wiping smartphones, installed by Japanese mobile phone company NTT Docomo, is seen in a high-tech restroom equipped with bidet and heated seat at Narita international airport.

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Nothing more satisfying than spreading a bunch of airborne fecal bacteria on your phone... bonus points for holding the phone with the same hend you just wiped with

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A toilet roll for wiping smartphones,

Aha! It's a smart idea.

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What godawful clutter.

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Emergency supply for when the other two rolls run out.

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I never use my phone while I'm in the bathroom. It's gross, and I have nothing urgent on the go, as having just to go.

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I think this is an attempt by NTT Docomo to publicise its wifi service. It got some play on the BBC where people fawned over such a "great idea" in "high-tech" Japan but were not informed that public-access wifi was rare as hen's teeth in the country.

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When I first saw this item I was reminded of the occasional signs telling people not to stand on the seats of the Euro-bogs here, like people coming to Narita would be accustomed to using their mobile phones for a different purpose to (most but not all if you think of some politicians and many タレント on TV) people here.

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A very clever way of advertising.

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but the word "NOTICE" necessary? It sounds urgent.

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Advertising, plain and simple... and if they get people to use up their GBs while on the crapper, more money for them, too.

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I've seen a few articles on this in the Western press, going on about how high-tech and clean Japan's toilets, are including some articles by correspondents who live here and should know better.

When people turn up to the Olympics, expecting high-tech, I wonder how they will react when they need to use the facilities in JR train stations, which still have no hot water, no soap and nowhere to dry your hand.

This is always a great topic to bring up to keep the conversation flowing whenever people start talking about how Japan places a strong emphasis on hygiene.

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Looks like people misunderstand its purpose.

It's actually for men who like to look at "left handed web sites" in the privacy of their cubicle.

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Everybody's smartphone seems there is a lot of sweat bacteria all over it. It needs to be cleaned. It may cause stomach ache if its dirty.

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Today, cover glass addressing the mobile phone market is dominated by Corning's various forms of "Gorilla Glass", known for their clarity, strength, and antimicrobial properties.

To see for yourself, please refer to the following link and refer to page three: <http://www.corning.com/content/dam/corning/microsites/csm/gorillaglass/PI_Sheets/CGG_PI_Sheet_Anitimicrobia_Gorilla_Glass_14_02_11%20export.pdf

While Corning has developed various types of cover glass, they all have antimicrobial properties to some extent.

This antimicrobial glass is also penetrating many touch screen markets too.

Years ago when smart phones were originally introduced, the cover glass did not have antimicrobial properties, and I recall folks from Motorola telling me that a toilet bowl has fewer bacteria than the typical mobile phone cover glass. That has changed, gladly, for the better.

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