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Kiss Expo Tokyo 2016


Gene Simmons, far right, vocalist of the renowned band Kiss, poses with his fans and Astro Boy for the Kiss Expo Tokyo 2016 open from now until Monday Oct 31, at Laforet Museum Harajuku in Tokyo, on Thursday. The exhibit includes Simmons' own collection of his past tour outfits and guitar, as well as a virtual reality experience of Simmons' house. "Bring your children, let them dream. Make magic happen," Simmons told his fans in Japan.

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Gene Simmons, far right,

Now, I'm not a KISS fan, shame on me, but wouldn't Gene be the one on the far-left or should I go back to my cave?

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He's the one without makeup, with his fans, who are wearing makeup.

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Wow, he looks very....uhhh...Japanese. I initially thought that was the wrestler Tenryu there for promotion purposes or something.

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Worst. Band. Ever.

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RiskyMosaic: Worst. Band. Ever.

They had some great songs! My brother burned their LPs when he went religious, tho.

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I don't understand why there always seems to be some local Japanese "talent" in pictures when foreign celebrities come to Japan. Do the promoters think people won't come see Gene Simmons without astroboy there. When international stars come to Canada I am pretty sure the promotional pictures don't include local Canadian celebrities.

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I'm the King of the Nighttime World!

Yeah, KISS was pretty awesome until Gene and Paul kicked out the only cool guys, Ace and Peter. Gene had it all together, though, and kept his eyes on what he really wanted: Money, and more of it. Now he's out here in 2016 for another cash grab. Once a again, art loses to avarice.

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