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Kono visits Rohingya refugees


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Will he let some into Japan? Or do photopos trump logic?

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Kono pledged Japan's help in improving sanitary conditions at the refugee camps.

" Pledged" using the great leaders speech book.

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There is no point of visiting a Rohingya refugee camp unless he intends to relocate some to Japan.

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"Attacks by Myanmar's army in 2017 caused more than 700,000 Rohingya to flee to overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh for safety."

Threats of military action against Venezuela because of the civilian conditions and a lot of condemnation about the rights of citizens in Hong Kong but very little concern for the Rohingya at the hands of the Myanmar military. Oh, that's right, Myanmar doesn't have oil as Venezuela and is not Chinese.

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Kono pledged Japan's help in improving sanitary conditions at the refugee camps.

That is the correct way to handle this, give logistic support in the region itself instead of bringing them to Japan.

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The Rohingas are ethnic Bangladeshis and should be accepted by Bangladesh. We can help them there, instead of insisting to be sent back to Buddhist Burma, where they will be an endless source of friction, because nothing in Shariah is compatible with Buddhists society. Aceh, Kosovo, North Nigeria, Pattani, Mindanao, Xinhuan province, India/Pakistan, Chechnia etc etc..... why does the world refuse to learn?

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