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Koreans protest Fukushima water release


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Good! They should. Tepco is going to poison the ocean.

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Nine people? Or were there more?

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Dump it in the Sea of Japan and blame it on the North Koreans.

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From the same LDP that wants to cut emissions and save the environment and The LDP want to do this.

Have respect for this planet, its oceans, and its ecosystems this an absolutely disrespectful and horrible thing Japan is doing. Every country has a right to protest this hanious decision by the LDP and their absolute disrespect for hunanity, sea life, and the environment.

If you are so confident in its safty realese it in Tokyo bay!

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Is treated radioactive water still radioactive?

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The water has been treated and tested, and is safe to be released.

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According to Tepco, the contaminations other than tritium are all removed by the ALPS. In that sense the released water is comparable to that other countries have released so far. That's their theory... I don't want to doubt about it... The release would continue for 100 years. We will see if they are right...

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the released water is comparable to that other countries have released so far

I believe this is worst.

It's been in direct contact with naked nuclear reactor cores.

No other country has ever done that.

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In a nutshell:

You get different layers of protections and pipes not to get in direct contact.

Using special liquids to avoid chemical reactions.

You never, EVER, bath a nuclear reactors' cores in sea water.

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They should also protest the Korean reactor (Kori) that releases more tritium every year than the total planned release from Fukushima over a 10-year period.

Is it hypocrisy or ignorance?

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Is treated radioactive water still radioactive?


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Thank you for reassuring my point.

We agree that Fukushima's water is far worse than any other country.

Not comparable.

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Dump it in the Sea of Japan and blame it on the North Koreans.

Once the oceans get contaminated, who's at fault don't really matter. We all pay.

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I mentioned La Hague and Sellafield before, they dump 400 to 500 times the amount of radioactivity

got sources?

is it a real, measurable, fact?

AFAIK we have no data of Fukusima's waste from a 3rd party organization.

TEPCO doesn't allow people take samples in site. TEPCO facilitates the samples, you can't get any near to the real tanks.

You literally cannot compare it to any other country.

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Yes you can. Tritium is released in far greater concentration and quantity in Canada, UK, South Korea and other countries every year than the total to be released in Fukushima.

Just because some people don’t know something doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t know it.

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Fresh Water or Seawater


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In the very same report you are mentioning.


Will the Japanese side allow experts from the relevant countries to sample the nuclear contaminated water discharged into the sea on site?


Samples to be analyzed by TEPCO and its outsourcing contractors



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Thanks! You are reassuring my statement that no 3rd party organization can take samples in site.

I still remember when Fukushima exploded and the radiation spread all over the Kanto region.

TEPCO was the only source for tracking the radiation.

And they conveniently placed al the Geisser counters 2m over the ground.

Nobody trusts TEPCO on taking samples, no more.

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After the 3/11 nuclear reactor explosions several civil groups monitored the radiation, like Greenpeace, Safecast, and others. Safecast is still monitoring.

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The numbers broadcasted on TV where from TEPCO.

When you looked up in internet the numbers were very different.

Remember that the J-Gov prohibited the sale of Geisser counters.

It was a dystopia.

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Safecast made and provided Geiger counters. People were warned in 2011 about fake counters in Akihabara. Sold under the brand name of Shanghai Ergonomics Detecting Instrument Co.

The demand for Geiger counters outstripped the supply.


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The radiation levels inside the No2 reactor are 10-15 SIEVERTS per hour due to a dislodged reactor cap.

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The moral of the story is that TEPCO's numbers are not to trusted.

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Why would that be necessary if the IAEA is literally observing the taking of the samples?

Here you got it wrong.

Read it more carefully.

IAEA will observe the samples. Not the sample taking activity.

You outright dismiss anything the IANA -- the arbiters of public concerns itself -- says

No. I don't dismiss what IAEA says. They are the only ones we can trust.

And they try hard to be allowed to take samples on site.

Ask yourself why TEPCO is not letting them.

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Try to read it the way I do:

*"Sample collection and pre-treatment activities undertaken by TEPCO, and relevant Japanese authorities** will be facilitated and observed by the IAEA."*

The IAEA is not allowed to collect samples.

It's very much emphasizing that only TEPCO can get any near the water tanks.

Ask yourself Why.

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I'm solely interested in people's health and self-preservation.

I can't understand what drives you to justify the dumping of radioactive waste to our oceans.

Why would you?

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What really despairs me, besides TEPCO's lack of transparency , is that there is a viable alternative.



Both of your arguments are leaking.

This catastrophe is not comparable to any other country.

There are much better alternatives.
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I keep saying that we got no official numbers to compare with other countries. Unless TEPCO give us full transparency we got nothing, only selected samples taken from TEPCO officials.

In other words: we cannot compare.


Not only that one in Canada, but other companies in the rest of the world are offering their Tritium filter services.

There's no official justification not to use one of the many Tritium filtering services.

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