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Koreans ready to roll


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They look great! Good luck South Korea!

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Be Strong!” our Korean neighbors & friends! - Before the 2000’s “Korean financial & technological ‘boom”, Japan was more, world-renown for it’s ingenuity (through copying, er… mimicry, er …,), ‘reverse engineering & innovations’ of other established IP’s. - Korea has made made advancements to be proud of as well.

Since the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is ‘a competitive arena’, the relevant question here, with regards to the above observations: - Who came up with the “Guts!” pose First, … Korea or Japan?

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

If IOC marketing guru Michael Payne can ‘lampoon the pandemic’ and parody Tokyo’s Olympics Games to promote & sell his book in media ‘here’, then all commenters & comments should feel equally welcome ?…

- “Olympic history in cartoons details how games defies [covid] threats” - JT Jun 5, ‘21

… keeping in his* ”*spirit of of open communication is the key to quelling unreasonable fears”?

- “Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief” - JT Jun 7, ‘21

After all, his book is ‘a collection of the lighter-side of frustrations with the scheduled Olympic Games’ and ‘imitation is… the ‘highest form’ of flattery’.

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To be absolutely fair, in ‘the spirit of ‘Tokyo’s Olympic Games’, earlier this week, Jul 7, Japan’s PM Suga demonstrated the same pose for his:

“Tokyo 2020 OlympicsJapan officially launches its largest ever Olympic delegation”: Members of Japan's Olympic team watch a video message from Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga at the team launch ceremony in Tokyo on Tues”

Looks like Japan was “First” (this week). So in this case, may we say “Japan takes the Gold!” ?

It’s okay, our Korean friends. Please come and show what you can do, too!

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Compared to Japanese, one thing I love about the Korean people is their willfulness.

That they did not make a dramatic and probably world changing withdrawal in this situation...

I am disappoint...

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

Will they start complaining again in Tokyo about the Japanese flag, or was it about the Sea of Japan? Kind of hard to keep track sometimes.

Good luck South Koreans!

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Olympiad athletes to staff ratio 3 to 1. What do all the extras do?

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Whereas elsewhere in this esteemed publication it is reported that:

"South Korea will raise coronavirus curbs to their highest level in the Seoul metropolitan area, the country's prime minister said Friday, warning a record spike in new cases had reached "maximum crisis level".

Around 90 people in that photo all coming here from just one corona virus ravaged country.

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They'll will be coming to this corona ravaged land.

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All vaccinated and tested daily. Hope they can be protected from those that are not vaccinated and untested.

An by "those", of course I mean us.

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the guy / gal in the middle, tallest of 'em all.

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