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Kurobe Gorge crossing


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Nice Photo. Good composition and contrast of red on green.

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Yes, very nice but rivers are extremely high & rapid with spring rains. - Parents please, know where your children are at ALL times this Golden Week. - Stay safe, everyone!

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One of my most fun adventures was hiking Shimonoroka from the Kurobe Dam to the terminus of the Kurobe Railway and then riding out of the gorge on this train. What a nice train for visiting hot springs.

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@Hubertus - if it was shot in black and white, there'd be no difference between the reds and greens. Just a low difference of greys.

Unless, of course, you used a green or red filter, then it might be admirable. Might.

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Mr. Trevor,

as it has been said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is a color photograph and my praise was of such a contrast of colors. While black and white photography has it’s merits, the use of color photographs appear best suited to this form of online media.

Also, in regards to your critique here, our amateur photograph circle has recently learned it is perhaps best not to be overly critical or to question this editor’s choice for a Picture of the Day. As a professional photographer, we would be welcome you to speak to our group some Sunday?

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