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Kylie Minogue


Australian singer Kylie Minogue, center, performs during a concert in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture, on Saturday night. Minogue, 42, one of a few singers not to cancel scheduled performances in Japan since the March 11 earthquake, said she thought long and hard about coming, but wanted to show her appreciation to her fans. Minogue's visit to Japan is part of her Aphrodite-Les Folies tour. On Friday night, Minogue also attended a fundraising dinner with 750 guests at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo with visiting Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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Good on ya Kylie....A true Blue Aussie for ya!!!!

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Yeah, a true blue Aussie that has lived in England for the last 20 years.

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eww, when did she get such daikon ashi?

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sugoi sharpie-san. nihongo jouzu ne!

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Daikon-ashi, as in thin legs? We must be looking at different pictures. They're not bad at the moment but if they were much fatter they'd just be Dai-ashi.

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" Daikon-ashi, as in thin legs? "

Daikon are not thin. Look again next time you go shopping. I find her just fine, including legs.

Moderator: No further discussion of "daikon-ashi," please.

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I'm glad that Kylie didn't cancel on Japan, I'm sure her fans appreciates it.

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She looks fine to me.

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This is a woman who always had a strict fitness regime. A few years ago she beat cancer. She put on weight due to treatment and poor health. She said that she will not try to be forever youthfull and she is happy how she looks now.

It is a bit poor taste to make these remarks to a cancer survivor who has doen a lot to help other cancer sufferers and still maintain a successfull singing career.

I am sure there would be outrage if similar remrks were made to a Japanese entertainer who was a cancer victim.

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The english -living, aussie-born gaijin has always had and always will have fab legs, as far as medical, scientific or romantic knowledge stretches!And UR right, the answer is her perfect tush!

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Wow I didn't know she was still performing....she looks great for age let alone what she has gone through. Many Japanese have a totally unhealthy expectation of girls/women to have stick thin legs the size of my arm...NOT healthy nor attractive in my books.

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