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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe poses with U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy (bottom row, 3rd L), Japanese Minister of Promoting Women's Active Participation and Gender Equality Haruko Arimura (bottom row, 3rd R) and other women ambassadors to Japan during a photo session prior to a luncheon at his official residence in Tokyo on Wednesday. Abe invited 14 women ambassadors to Japan to lunch. Seen L-R are Israeli Ambassador Ruth Kahanoff, Liberia's Ambassador Youngor Telewoda, Tonga's Ambassador Tania Laumanulupe 'o Talafolika Tupou, Tanzanian Ambassador Salome Thaddaus Sijaona, South African Ambassador Mohau Nthisana Pheko, Kennedy, El Salvador's Ambassador Martha Lidia Zelayandia, Abe, Indian Ambassador Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, Arimura, Uganda's Ambassador Betty Grace Akech-Okullo, Slovenian Ambassador Helena Drnovsek Zorko, Nambia's Ambassador Sophia-Namupa Nangombe and Croatian Ambassador Mira Martinec.

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It always strikes me as strange that the Japanese PM always gets to stand next to the US representative for such photo ops. Do you think it is just incidental?

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Just the appearance of progress. Haruko Arimura is a staunch traditionalist opposed to women choosing to keep their own family name after marriage, and opposed to female succession to the imperial throne. Member of Nippon Kaigi.

Abe is doing this for PR. A photo won't change anything.

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He really is pushing his whole "empowering women" and "womenomics" agenda right now. Maybe because the rest of his plans are beginning to look a little hollow?

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women around president

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Stop! Stop! Stop! First off, "Ladies Lunch" kind of irks me. Sounds like the girls are hitting the cafe to gossip while the men folk are away. Second, I love how it's supposed be about The Women's equality yet Abe is front and center, grabbing the attention, and the women flank him, because The Man still has the last word.

And last, you can have 500 luncheons, but until real plans with real timetables are made and adhered to I don't care.

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@SANDEEP SUNNY: women around president


??????? Are you sure you are writing on Abe??? There have never been President of Japan in its about 3,000 years history.


Of cause Abe standt on front center. He loves to be with women,(Unlike other Japanese male politicians) Beside that, he is the head of Japan. He deserves to stand between tall Kennedy and tall Arimura.

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Why is it that, 'men's lunch' is considered sexist, but 'lady's lunch' is not? I'm all for gender equality in the society, but focussing on women or men is not equality at all! It is sexism! There should be no mention of gender, as in other 'modern' countries. It is only what they do with their role that is important.

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So...what was for lunch?

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@OssanAmericaSEP. 10, 2014 - 11:16PM JST So...what was for lunch?


Salmon eggs (ikura), and buch of caviar ? Maybe Roasted Ox, Ox teriyaki steak for gender equality lunch?

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Well, you can't expect him to hide in a corner...

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There should be no mention of gender, as in other 'modern' countries. It is only what they do with their role that is important.

Well that's kind of odd to ignore a persons sex completely. In a modern country it's okay to notice men and women are different. Just need to treat all with the same level of respect.

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